“Poverty in abundance.”

As the saying goes, people today live in such abundance and advanced civilization but remain spiritually poor.

With their hearts empty, they suffer from mental instability and physical illnesses. And they seek a solution in philosophy, religion, or science, but all they end up being is a thirstier soul.

It is essentially due to unknowingly being separated from God, who is the fountainhead of life. They do not know that the only solution to all life problems is Jesus Christ alone.

Washington Chodae Church was pioneered to present the solution to mankind’s fundamental problems.

With the only Gospel, we will be:

the church that will heal the diseased world,
the church that will correctly rebuild the dying churches,
the church that evangelizes the 237 nations,
the church that brings up the next-gen leaders and prepares the future.

We will carry out these missions with all due diligence.


Washington Chodae Church Senior Pastor Rev. Joo Young-kyu

주영규 담임목사

Senior Pastor Rev. Joo Young-kyu